Ramana Maharshi

“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”


I’ve learned so much from Maryams teachings; they’ve helped me more than the usual tips and pointers coaches and people in general have given me in the past. I know that a big part of my stability, happiness and my new knowledge has it´s base built on the guidance and information I received from Maryam – living in the moment, listening to others, and being mindful about the way I communicate are now a big part of my life.  Thank you so much Maryam and Flowmindful for your guidance and support; the positive impact on my life. The person that I have become today has shown me a great value that go beyond money and words. I know that mindfulness will be a part of my future life and my only hope is that other likeminded people can find and tap into this great art of living and being.

Mattias R


When I first was introduced to Maryam I was suffering from a severe pain in my legs so I could hardly move without feeling a great amount of pain. When I talked to Maryam on the phone the first time and told her about my pain she asked me to lay down and she would give me healing by the phone. I was really sceptical but because I knew she was a credible person from other people, I decided to do just as she told me. After the conversation she advised me to hang up and to lie down for 10 minutes, but when I got up after 30 or so minutes I had lost all sense of time or place. I was so much calmer and the pain in my legs where much better and I immediately felt better. We have continued these sessions over the phone more than a few more times since then and we have also did some personal consultation when she visited me in Malaga last year.  Despite my initial scepticism I did feel how my body felt immediately warmed up and I how I had palpitations and felt other reactions in my body. As a result I became much calmer and the pain is much less than in the past.
This amazing experience got me very interested and curious and I obviously wanted to learn more. Today I am a part of the FlowMindful team because I know for sure that I can trust and use this treatments and this knowledge, I want to learn so much more about mindfulness in order to properly practice on my own. I am even contemplating to introduce these theoretical and practical tools that worked for me onto the people around me that I love and care for. Thank you Maryam for the help, guidance and inspiration.

Aleksandra Olejnik


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